Tools for Student-Centered Coaching

Note: This blog was originally posted in August 2016. It was updated in Spring 2020.

1) Results Based Coaching Tool

This tool is used to document the impact of teacher and student learning across a coaching cycle.

For more information:

  • Watch this video on how to use the tool:

2) Partnership Agreement for Coaching Cycles

The partnership agreement is used at the beginning of the coaching cycle so that the teacher(s) and coach are prepared for intentional collaboration.

3) Coaching Logs

These coaching logs align with the Results-Based Coaching Tool and are used across a coaching cycle.
PDF of Coaching Logs

  1. Identify a Coaching Cycle Goal
  2. Develop Learning Targets
  3. Create a Plan for the Pre-Assessment
  4. Pre-Assessment Data
  5. Weekly Planning Meetings
  6. Post Assessment Data

4) Noticing and Naming Note Catcher

This grid serves as a note catcher for when a coach is in a classroom working alongside a teacher. It keeps the focus on student learning. It also provides anecdotal data that can be readily used during planning sessions.

5) Checklist for Getting Coaching Cycles Up and Running

This handy checklist will get you started with both your principal and teachers. Use it to make sure that you are defining the coach’s role while also building towards coaching cycles.


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