The following consulting options are customized to meet the needs of the schools, districts, and organizations that we serve. We are now scheduling for the fall of 2020 and beyond. Please notein the era of COVID-19, we are able to adjust between onsite and virtual sessions as is demanded by the current school environment. Our team is available to lead the sessions at a time that works for the district that will be served.

If you are interested in working with one of our consultants please email Dan at [email protected].

Onsite Support
Onsite support typically includes six to ten days of consulting work across the school year. While we design these sessions to meet the needs of the district, we recommend the following: professional development focused on coaching practice, anchoring the learning in one or more books on Student-Centered Coaching, coaching labs to practice coaching in schools, working with the leadership team to create a vision for coaching, and engaging in discussion, reflection, and problem solving.

Virtual and Blended Support
Support is provided using blended learning structure. Options include; learning through a series of webinars, combining webinars with onsite support, or utilizing our online courses to differentiate learning for the coaching and leadership teams. With the shift to virtual schooling, we are ready to design systems of support to meet the needs of schools and districts. More info about virtual consulting.

Online Courses
We are excited to announce a series of online courses that will become available in May of 2020. Options will include self-paced courses or learning cohorts that will be taught by Diane and her team. Our first course to launch will feature our newest book, The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching. We will also be adding a course that will focus on building principal and coach partnerships. More info about our online courses.

Getting Started with Student-Centered Coaching
Get a coaching program off on the right foot by partnering with a consultant from our team. This work begins with building an understanding of the methods and practices for Student-Centered Coaching. Next we work with districts to create a coach job description that aligns with the vision. Then we help districts develop a rigorous process for hiring coaches. Most importantly, our consultants ensure that all stakeholders are engaged in the process, including: the superintendent, district leaders, principals, and teacher leaders. As the program launches, we shift to supporting implementation through virtual and onsite support.

Keynotes and Other Speaking Engagements
We introduce the beliefs and practices for Student-Centered Coaching through conferences and other speaking engagements. We also present to groups of teachers on the topics of student-centered instruction, formative assessment, and other research-proven practices. Each of the authors on our team are skilled presenters who regularly present to large and small groups.

Weekly Residences
Weekly residencies are ideal for international schools. Consultants spend a week in the school and provide support to teachers, leaders, and coaches. Weekly residencies include many opportunities to work side-by-side with the school leadership, teachers, and coaches to dig into teaching, learning, and coaching. At the end of the week, the consultant provides recommendations for how to sustain the work.