Corwin Student-Centered Coaching eCourse

Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves
Diane Sweeney and Leanna Harris

Jump-start your student-centered practice!

Seasoned school-based coaches know: coaching works best when teacher capacity and student achievement grow together. Student-centered coaching makes all the difference. In this interactive eCourse, you’ll learn from coaches who successfully transitioned to a student-focused approach and chart a personalized action plan you can implement immediately.

Through 11 self-paced modules (link to demo module) featuring dynamic videos and practice activities, you’ll gain in-depth knowledge and upgrade your skills as a student-focused practitioner. This eCourse will enable you to:

  • Craft a student-centered, standards-based action plan using seven core practices
  • Explore methods for launching and scheduling effective coaching cycles that fit your situation and align with your coaching beliefs
  • Align learning targets and formative assessments with coaching and student achievement goals
  • Practice strategies for co-planning, co-teaching, and strengths-based feedback across coaching conversations
  • Explore teacher/coach collaborations and agreements
  • Gain insights into partnering with school leadership at all levels through collaborative relationship building and trust

Develop your repertoire of coaching moves for use before, during, and after a lesson to help teachers move students toward mastery of the standards!