Ebook: Moves for Virtual Coaching

There is no question that teachers are facing unprecedented challenges as they adjust to hybrid and/or virtual instruction. Many proven pedagogical practices are no longer applicable which means we are in a constant state of innovation around teaching and learning. Lack of connection with students is also creating a sense of loss and disorientation for many teachers.

Shifting to online or hybrid instruction means teachers need a thinking partner today more than ever. For coaches this demands we shift our practices so we can continue to support student and teacher learning through Student-Centered Coaching. We wrote this free ebook to help coaches navigate their way through these uncharted waters.

There is no question that this year is going to be challenging. Families will be adjusting to new routines, the master schedule will likely change to accommodate new guidelines, and teachers will be encountering the unknown (again). Embracing these challenges means that we must walk alongside teachers and serve as their thinking partners to design virtual, hybrid, and in person classrooms where all students will thrive. What better reason is there to support coaches to engage in meaningful work with the teachers they serve.

LINK to pdf of free ebook.