What You’ll Learn

This is just what any district needs to get started with Student-Centered Coaching.  Learn our core practices as well as practical strategies to get the most out of an instructional coaching effort. We recommend for K-12 instructional coaches to participate alongside school and district leaders.

Session 1:  The Framework for Student-Centered Coaching
Session 2: Goal-Setting and Using Learning Targets
Session 3: Co-Planning and Co-Teaching
Session 4: Launching Coaching Cycles and Measuring Impact
Session 5: Building Principal and Coach Partnerships
Session 6: Strategies for Reflective Dialogue

How You’ll Learn

Virtual consulting will take place with a cohort from your district and will be facilitated by a consultant from our team. Learning will be hosted through video conference and will include follow up work that will take place between sessions. Each participant will also be provided with a personalized coaching journal that will guide their learning and reflection. To tailor the learning, feedback will be provided by the consultant throughout the six sessions. Participants will purchase their own copy of The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching (Sweeney and Harris).

Getting Started

Virtual consulting will be arranged with school districts and pricing will be available upon request. Virtual consulting can be combined with onsite work or offered as a stand alone offering. Session dates will be determined by the consultant and district. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.