Online Courses for Student-Centered Coaching

Which Course is Best for You?
Student-Centered Coaching introduces a new way of delivering instructional coaching that puts the needs of students’ front-and-center. By focusing coaching on goals for student learning, rather than on fixing teachers, an instructional coach can directly impact instructional practice and student achievement.

If you are interested in implementing Student-Centered Coaching in your own school or district, we are proud to offer a variety of online courses for instructional coaches, principals, and district leaders. While these courses will continue to evolve, we thought we’d share some useful tips for selecting one that best meets your needs.

What You Will Learn
We are currently offering the following three courses. Stay tuned as we will be adding more in the upcoming months.

Launching Student-Centered Coaching
Our newest offering, this six session course provides hands-on strategies, tools, and practical assignments that will walk instructional coaches through how to start the year. Sessions will address in person and virtual coaching, and will include the development of concrete deliverables, such as creating tools and artifacts to use in your own school. This course is recommended for K-12 instructional coaches who are familiar with Student-Centered Coaching. Readings are included. More Info

The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching
As our flagship course, participants will learn all aspects of implementing Student-Centered Coaching. This includes  implementing the core practices for Student-Centered Coaching, using strategies for reflective dialogue, building a culture for coaching, and other essential moves for getting the most out of Student-Centered Coaching. Students will engage in deep reading and reflection that aligns with our newest book, The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching (Sweeney and Harris, 2020). More Info

Building Principal and Coach Partnerships
Strong principal and coach partnerships are one of the most important factors for success with coaching. In this four session course, participants will learn practical strategies for building principal and coach partnerships to get the most out of an instructional coaching effort. This course is designed for  K-12 principals, district leaders, and instructional coaches within any speciality area. We recommend for principals and coaches to take this course as a collaborative team. More Info

How You Will Learn
Our courses include learning cohorts (synchronous) and self paced (asynchronous) options. The differences are outlined below.

How to Register
To register, just follow this link: We accept credit cards or purchase orders. If you’d like to be updated on future courses, feel free to join our mailing list: We hope to see you soon!