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The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching

The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching

Sweeney, Diane and Harris, Leanna (2020). The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. To purchase, visit Corwin.

Insights, ideas, and inspiration to keep student learning at the center of instructional coaching

Diane Sweeney and Leanna Harris, whose best-selling books have influenced the practice of thousands of K-12 coaches, frame how Student-Centered Coaching serves as an evidence-based model of professional learning that focuses on student outcomes. Shifting the focus from “fixing” teachers to partnering with them to reach goals for student learning takes coaching to the heart of what matters most in schools. The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching includes all-new material that is grounded in the latest research and the authors’ extensive experience in the field of coaching. In it, readers will find:

  • An emphasis on how coaching can be asset-based and focused on equity
  • Current research in adult learning and professional development
  • Examples of how to integrate curriculum into coaching cycles
  • Anecdotes that illustrate what Student-Centered Coaching looks like across grade levels and content areas
  • Designed to accompany Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves (Corwin, 2017) and Leading Student-Centered Coaching (2019), The Essential Guide for Student-Centered Coaching provides the reader with a clear vision for how coaching can promote both teacher and student learning.

In an honest and heartfelt voice, Diane and Leanna provide guidance and practical advice to help coaches navigate the complexities associated with their role. Diane and Leanna’s passion to ensure that student learning stays at the center of improvement work is evident throughout this book as they paint a path of implementation for coaching that will help educators in realizing collective impact.”

–Jenni Donohoo, Author and Consultant

Leading Student-Centered Coaching Diane Sweeney

Leading Student-Centered Coaching

Sweeney, Diane and Mausbach, Ann (2018). Leading Student-Centered Coaching. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. To purchase, visit Corwin.

This book provides principals and district leaders with the background, practices, and tools required for leading coaching efforts that have a profound and positive impact on student and teacher learning. Filled with practical ideas that school leaders can easily apply to their own school settings, this book includes: 

  • Tools and techniques for preparing a school for coaching, launching a coaching culture, and supporting coaches
  • Leadership Moves sections that provide strategies for building principal and coach partnerships 
  • Richly detailed Lessons from the Field, based on the authors’ real-life experiences, that illustrate principal and coach collaboration
  • Recommendations for coaches to use as they strive to increase their impact 

With a focus on the critical role of school leadership, this action-oriented guide provides the key ingredients for ensuring the success of school-based coaching initiatives.

Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves Diane Sweeney

Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves

Sweeney, Diane and Harris, Leanna (2016). Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. To purchase, visit Corwin.

This book serves as an extension to Diane’s previous Student-Centered Coaching books by targeting the micro-level practices that are used within and across coaching conversations. While the content for this book is based upon the framework and core practices that are outlined in Student-Centered Coaching and Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level, it takes the practices further by providing the reader with specific coaching moves that they can use before, during, and after a lesson. The book includes video clips of coaching conversations and is accompanied by an E-Course provided by Corwin.

Student-Centered Coaching Secondary

Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level

Sweeney, Diane (2013). Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. To purchase, visit Corwin.

Written for coaches who work with secondary teachers in all content areas, Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level offers rich case studies and practical tips and tools. Coaches and administrators get real-world specifics: Core practices for tackling the unique challenges of coaching across a variety of content areas at the secondary level; Extending coaching to teams of teachers, rather than just individuals; Using standards, such as the Common Core, to coach toward specific goals for student learning; Embedding formative assessments into coaching conversations; Moving past teacher resistance; and, Working in tandem with principals to ensure that coaching accomplishes the goal of increased student learning.

With graphic organizers, planning matrices, and other valuable resources, this step-by-step guide is your ultimate road-map to coaching success. By focusing coaching on student learning—rather than on fixing teachers—you can make a measurable impact on student achievement.

Student-Centered Coaching K-8

Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Principals and Coaches

Sweeney, Diane (2011). Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8  Principals and Coaches. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press. To purchase, visit Corwin.

Student-Centered Coaching is grounded in a simple but powerful premise: school-based coaching can be designed to directly impact student learning. When the focus is shifted from “fixing” teachers to collaborating with them in designing instruction that targets student achievement, coaching becomes both more respectful and results-based. The book also underscores the critical role of the principal in developing systems and structures for supporting teacher development and fostering a culture of learning. Each chapter includes: A model for designing and implementing student-centered coaching; Data-driven coaching tools and techniques focused on student learning; A framework for measuring the coaching’s impact; and, Specific practices for leading a student-centered coaching effort.

Also included are exercises designed to promote coach and principal collaboration, giving them essential tools for enhancing student achievement.

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