Measuring Impact with the Results-Based Coaching Tool in the Google Suite

Written by Diane Sweeney and Chris Cutrona ( A persistent question in the world of instructional coaching centers on documentation of impact. We encounter many school districts that are rich in data, yet clarity around the impact of coaching can be harder to put a finger on. We believe this needs to change.  In 2019, … Read more

Upcoming Workshops & More

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming professional learning opportunities that are specially designed for instructional coaches and school leaders. Our offerings will empower you to enhance your coaching practice, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and lead with confidence in your schools. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. WORKSHOPS … Read more

Using the Results-Based Coaching Tool to Measure the Impact of Coaching Cycles

With thousands of school systems employing coaches, it’s critical that we develop systems for measuring the impact that is being made. The Results-Based Coaching Tool (RBCT) provides a thorough and uniform way to document teacher and student learning from the work done in a coaching cycle. Annotated Results-Based Coaching ToolThe following annotated version of the … Read more

Celebrating Coaching Cycles

Ending a coaching cycle means it’s time to celebrate all of the learning that has occurred. Acknowledging the hard work and results of what took place reinforces the coaching relationship and provides energy for teachers to feel seen and valued. In her book, Collective Efficacy, Jenni Donohoo writes, “Celebrations help highlight the power of working … Read more

The Spring Slump

Spring is upon us and experienced coaches are readying themselves for the spring slump. Newer coaches may be surprised by the fact that fewer teachers are lining up for coaching as we near the end of the school year. It’s easy to understand why, when you consider the benchmark assessments, field day, AP exams, classroom … Read more

Tools for Student-Centered Coaching

Note: To download any of the following tools, click ‘USE TEMPLATE‘ on the upper right hand corner. This will add the document to your Google Drive. You have to be signed into Google for this feature to function. 1) Results-Based Coaching Tool There is an increased sense of urgency permeating our schools. We simply don’t … Read more

The Hub for Student-Centered Coaching: Elevating Our Coaching Together

Empowering Coaches, Transforming Education We are excited to announce that our new membership site, The Hub for Student-Centered Coaching is now live. Joining The Hub for Student-Centered Coaching will provide instructional coaches and school leaders with a dynamic platform where they can receive support through online collaboration, updated resources, and community-driven events.  Learn More or … Read more

Expect Coaching Cycles

Written by: Diane Sweeney, Leanna Harris, and Julie Steele Coaching cycles are an essential practice for Student-Centered Coaching. They move us away from drive-by (or one shot) coaching where we help one person, one time, with one thing, and towards deeper coaching practice. When schools or districts are working to implement Student-Centered Coaching, it is … Read more