Getting to 60% (1 of 3)

This post was updated and revised in December 2019 – please go here to read: During a recent session with a partner district, I asked a K-12 team of coaches and principals to jot down the percentage of time that they would like to see dedicated to coaching cycles. I have to admit that … Read more

Four Strategies for Co-Teaching

CO-TEACHING is an untapped strategy that provides coachable moments throughout a lesson. It is a dynamic process in which the teacher and coach work together to move student learning forward. In a classroom where co-teaching is occurring, it’s hard to tell who the teacher is and who the coach is, because both are engaged and … Read more

A Journey to Define Myself as a Coach by Lara Ostrander

As a third year instructional coach, I was elated to hear that the Madison Metropolitan School District would hire Diane Sweeney, to support us in establishing and refining existing coaching practices. Up until this year, school-based coaches worked in varying capacities at schools across the district. A coach’s role was often tied to several ‘busy’ … Read more

Hitting the Ground Running with Student-Centered Coaching

I am often asked how to get started with Student-Centered Coaching. How might a district prepare coaches, teachers, and principals to make the most out this critical investment in student and teacher learning? What should we be aware of? What are some common pitfalls? While no two districts are alike, and you may need to … Read more

Not All Pressure is Positive Pressure

It is tempting for instructional coaches to sort teachers into two groups, those who have a ‘growth mindset’ and those who don’t. We celebrate teachers who are quick to implement. Teachers who are open and reflective. And we ponder those who aren’t. We wonder, ‘Where is the transfer? Why isn’t there any evidence of growth? … Read more

A Study Guide for Student-Centered Coaching

A Study Guide for Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals As teams and districts explore Student-Centered Coaching (Sweeney, 2010), a few have requested a study guide to support their dive into the processes and tools that are focused on throughout the book. I thought that a blog post might be a good … Read more

Reflections of a First Year Math Coach by Michelle Engle

When Michelle’s position changed from math interventionist to coach, her first reaction was, “Yes!” She had wanted to coach for some time and craved the opportunity to work with a variety of grade levels. And with the adoption of the Common Core, she felt confident that she would be able to help move students towards … Read more

We Have Lost a Beloved Educator and Friend- Bonnie Campbell Hill

Bonnie Campbell Hill has touched the lives of teachers and students the world over, and we were sad to hear of her loss against liver cancer at just 56 years old. In Bonnie’s style, she created the Bonnie’s Big Idea Campaign in her final months, working with teachers to raise $500,000 for libraries and scholarships … Read more