Learn how to adapt Student-Centered Coaching to an online coaching environment. Each session will address in person and virtual coaching and will include a series of moves you can make as an instructional coach. These moves are accompanied by 30 tools such as language stems, checklists, protocols, and other resources that provide structure and coherence to coaching conversations. A bonus is participants in the course will receive each of the tools in Google docs so they can be directly used to guide your coaching conversations. This course is recommended for K-12 instructional coaches as well as school and district leaders. We will use our book, Student-Centered Coaching from a Distance (Sweeney and Harris). 

What You’ll Learn

Session 1: Keeping the Focus on Student Learning
Session 2: Mini Coaching Cycles: A Structure to Engage Teachers in This Moment
Session 3: Using Student Evidence from a Distance
Session 4: Co-Planning and Co-Teaching with Teachers and Teams
Session 5: Coaching for Rigor and Engagement
Session 6: Building Partnerships in Challenging Times

We also offer a la carte webinars if you’d like to extend and personalize this course for your own team. If you are interested, please reach out to dan@dianesweeney.com.

Course Options

Self Paced Course (Asynchronous)

Self Paced: $395 USD per person

MORE INFO: Log in and move at your own pace. In this way you can focus on the sessions that are most meaningful to you or move through the whole course.

This option does not include collaboration and feedback from an instructor. Each session involves approximately one to two hours of coursework and a certificate of clock hours will be provided. At this time we aren’t able to offer university credit. Participants will purchase their own copy of Student-Centered Coaching from a Distance (Sweeney and Harris). If you’d like to register with a PO please email info@dianesweeney.com.