Student-Centered Coaching: The Podcast

Welcome to Student-Centered Coaching: The Podcast, where we sit down with coaches and teachers to explore how they are supporting student learning. Our hope is that through sharing these stories, we can all grow together. Follow our podcasts on twitter. @SCCoachingPod

Diane and Brandon are joined by Dawn Shannon (Innovation & Learning Coach) and Matthew Krohne (Assistant Principal) to discuss the dynamics and benefits of a successful coach/building leader partnership.  Check out Matthew’s blog here.

Sasha Robins, an instructional coach from Kuwait, sits down with Diane and Brandon to discuss the art of questioning and her love of learning.

Ben Scott, an instructional coach from Battle Ground, WA, joins Diane and Brandon for their first episode of Student-Centered Coaching: The Podcast to discuss coaching in a pandemic. While not shying away from discussing the struggles he is having, Ben’s passion for student learning is on full display.