New Offering: Two-Day Workshop on Student-Centered Coaching

We are excited to announce a two day workshop that will take place at the University of Denver on August 28-29, 2017. This workshop will include the following two strands:

The coaching strand will focus on the core practices for student-centered coaching. This strand applies to K-12 instructional coaches.

Coaches will learn:

  • How to design coaching to be outcomes and standards-based
  • Techniques for dialogue and discourse
  • Strategies to help organize their day-to-day coaching work.

The leadership strand will focus on the essential moves for leading a coaching effort. This strand applies to school and district leaders.

Leaders will learn:

  • Strategies for setting expectations for teacher engagement in coaching cycles
  • How to evaluate a coach’s work
  • Strategies for moving forward with a clear plan for school improvement that embeds student-centered coaching.
    Note: While we encourage principals and coaches to attend the workshop together, it is not necessary. Coaches are more than welcome to attend without their principal, or vice versa.

This conference will be small and will fill quickly. Please follow this link for more information and to register.