What You’ll Learn

Virtual consulting supports district teams to implement Student-Centered Coaching in their own context. We recommend starting with the Foundations for Student-Centered Coaching but are able to adjust according to the needs of the district.

Series 1: Foundations for Student-Centered Coaching
Session 1:  The Framework for Student-Centered Coaching
Session 2: Goal-Setting and Using Learning Targets
Session 3: Co-Planning and Co-Teaching
Session 4: Launching Coaching Cycles and Measuring Impact
Session 5: Building Principal and Coach Partnerships
Session 6: Strategies for Reflective Dialogue

Series 2: Student-Centered Coaching from a Distance
Session 1: Keeping the Focus on Student Learning
Session 2: Mini Coaching Cycles
Session 3: Using Student Evidence from a Distance
Session 4: Co-Planning and Co-Teaching
Session 5: Coaching for Rigor and Engagement
Session 6: Building Partnerships in Challenging Times

Series 3: Building Principal and Coach Partnerships
Session 1: Defining Principal and Coach Roles
Session 2: Authentic Teacher Engagement
Session 3: Aligning Coaching with School Improvement Processes
Session 4: Separating Coaching from Supervision

How You’ll Learn

We take a blended approach for our virtual consulting work with districts. This includes synchronous webinars that are led by a consultant from our team. Asynchronous learning takes the work deeper through Teachable, our platform for online learning. For a tutorial on how we use Teachable, click here.

Getting Started

Virtual consulting is arranged with school districts and pricing is available upon request. Virtual consulting can be combined with onsite work or offered as a stand alone offering. Session dates are determined by the consultant and district. Please contact us at [email protected] for more information.