Upcoming Workshops & More

We are thrilled to announce our upcoming professional learning opportunities that are specially designed for instructional coaches and school leaders. Our offerings will empower you to enhance your coaching practice, foster a culture of continuous improvement, and lead with confidence in your schools. We hope to see you at one of our upcoming events. WORKSHOPS … Read more

The Hub for Student-Centered Coaching: Elevating Our Coaching Together

Empowering Coaches, Transforming Education We are excited to announce that our new membership site, The Hub for Student-Centered Coaching is now live. Joining The Hub for Student-Centered Coaching will provide instructional coaches and school leaders with a dynamic platform where they can receive support through online collaboration, updated resources, and community-driven events.  Learn More or … Read more

Expect Coaching Cycles

Written by: Diane Sweeney, Leanna Harris, and Julie Steele Coaching cycles are an essential practice for Student-Centered Coaching. They move us away from drive-by (or one shot) coaching where we help one person, one time, with one thing, and towards deeper coaching practice. When schools or districts are working to implement Student-Centered Coaching, it is … Read more

Announcing our 2024 Student-Centered Coaching Workshops

Registration Opens January 10, 2024 If you’ve been considering attending one of our workshops in Denver, now is the time to save the date for the following events! Student-Centered Coaching: The Workshop [Level 1]May 20-21, 2024 and August 12-13, 2024Registration opens on January 10, 2024 Learn the guiding principles and core practices for Student-Centered Coaching. … Read more

Three Moves for Coaching Outside of Our Grade Level or Content Area

Written by Rachel Jenner The idea for Ted Lasso was novel: an American football coach plucked out of his country and comfort zone and plopped into the world of English Premier League soccer (or football, as the rest of the world knows it). The questions, doubts, and uncertainty were rampant. In his first press conference, … Read more

How to Make Sure Coaching Sticks

Written By: Leanna Harris A district leader recently reached out for help with an issue that her coaching team had been encountering. She shared that while the coaches were doing a great job getting into cycles, they were wondering how to ensure that the work took hold. In other words, they wondered how to handle … Read more

Tips for Launching High School Coaching Cycles

By Thomas Ferrebee, Learning Coach at Nido de Aguilas It’s where coaching cycles go to die, right? The halls of high schools are full of savvy teenagers looking to bust a teacher for having a coach: What’s up mister, why do you need a coach? Not doing your job right? Add the college-bound pressures of … Read more

How Can I Help Teachers Build Community in the Classroom?

Written by Diane Sweeney, Leanna Harris, and Julie SteeleFrom: Moves for Launching a New Year of Student-Centered Coaching (Corwin, 2022) There is so much to do in the first few weeks of school. Teachers will be reconnecting with their students, setting up classrooms, and many will be learning about new curriculum and programs. While we … Read more