A Coach’s Bookshelf – Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves

We are excited to have published our new book, Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves (Corwin, 2016). It was so much fun to write this book, especially since I had the opportunity to work with co-author Leanna Harris, a fellow consultant on our team.

I have recently been asked how this new book compares with Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals (Corwin, 2010) and Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level (Corwin, 2013). Our purpose for writing Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves was to highlight specific coaching moves that can be used in a variety of coaching situations. We included language stems, planning tools, lessons from the field, and other ‘coaching moves’ that mostly reside at the conversational level. There are also video clips of coaching conversations at the elementary, middle, and high school levels.

Student-Centered Coaching: The Moves does not focus on our big picture coaching philosophy as much as my other books. If you’re interested in understanding the bigger picture of student-centered coaching, I’d recommend reading Student-Centered Coaching: A Guide for K-8 Coaches and Principals or Student-Centered Coaching at the Secondary Level. These books provide more information about the coaching landscape and how we can make coaching more outcomes-based and student-centered.

I would love to hear how you are using these books to support your own development as a coach. Each one has come from working alongside practioners like you, and I look forward to continually learning, growing, and supporting coaches.

Best Regards,